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Boz Mugabe is a visual artist living and working in Dublin city. His work is academically unschooled, born out of scrawling habits of a lifetime and a background in questionable underground publishing. He has exhibited extensively around the bohereens and drumlins of his native country. In November 2014, DIVINE TURBULENCE, his first major anthology of work, was published.

In a former life Boz worked rapidly by candlelight on illicit and heretical codices, narrowly avoiding much deserved execution.



If you have any questions about the work on this site or would like to discuss a possible project, fill out the form below, including any relevant links or pointers, and I will get back to you as soon as the pursuit of life, oxygen and sleep allow…

…or simply drop by and say hi… your feedback is always appreciated… thank you!…



Any currently available originals for sale are displayed in the webstore. This may not always include newer artworks, which is either tied up in an exhibition commitment, or not for sale, or I’ve been a little lazy in keeping this side of things up to date. Repeat requests are priced as private commissions. Works are shipped internationally unframed, watertight and in a package supported on both sides by hardboard and bubblewrap / foamboard. I have shipped artwork worldwide using this method without any problems.

Commission work is welcome and generally accepted based on the suitability of the project. For best results, it is recommended that sufficient time is allowed to see this process through. Nothing rushed ever looked good and sometimes, in a labour intensive period leading up to exhibition, it is not possible to sidetrack.

For enquiries relating to sales or commission work, use the contact form.