200 pages / full colour / hardback / 266x246x20mm / 1.3kg
ISBN 9780957322318
Published by www.bozgallery.com in association with White Lady Art Books
Suggested retail price – €20


DIVINE TURBULENCE is the first major published collection of work by Irish artist / demonscrawler / visual disinformant Boz Mugabe. Although the oeuvre stretches a lot further back, this edition zooms in on the decade 2004-2014 and its focus is work on paper. The book’s content is curated from the art of 20+ solo shows and includes a supporting preface of texts/interviews.



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“…powerful images loom out of tribalesque black, highlighted in semi monochrome… “

– RAW VISION #84 ( Winter 2014/15 )


” There wouldn’t be much in here to inspire quick knits, marled yarns, rustic tweeds or the aran cardigan revival, but what makes this book interesting is the swastikas – We’ve always been a bit far-right on the knitting scene. “

– Nuala Blarney – IRISH KNITTING MONTHLY ( Dec 2014 )


“…gratuitous depictions, hellish codicies and feral demonscrawls…”

– Uxiter Pointergeist ( Doctor of the Excremental 2014 )


“… A nightmarish collision of world religions, mythology and brutalist history. Mortals and deities jostle in scenes of torment and extremis, wildly ornamented like temple statuary or illuminated manuscripts… / …all is anatomically perverse, transmigrating into zoomorphic life: aztec firebirds or armoured insectoids with their stylized claws, gonads and, above all, eyes. Densely emblazoned with totems, triskeles and swastikas, Mugabe’s riot of patternation is borrowed promiscuously from Aboriginal motifs, African Folk art, megalithic rock carvings and Japanese woodblock Ukiyo-e prints, in an apocalyptic other world in which the chili pepper is a sacred fruit…”

– Mic Moroney – IRISH ARTS REVIEW ( Winter 2014 )


” … I wouldn’t be going out buying this yoke at all. My mammy did better pictures of the local church at her night class run by Bridie from the hardware store… and she painted a cow in a field that was raffled off at the GAA fundraiser for €30. Sure nobody would want any of the stuff in this book hanging up in their good room. There’s a fairly OK picture of a carrot in there but then he went and put an angry face on it… bit of a quare fella so he is… I wouldn’t be goin’ lending him the keys to me uncle’s tractor now… “

– Voted no.4 in IRISH PEASANT ( worst of 2014 List )


” …While certain academic viewpoint has put the outpouring of this work down to a form of psychomotor compulsion or even the much debated “artist savant syndrome”, one is more inclined to follow the logic that it is borne of chronic narcissism. Such a deluge of lacklustre obliqueness could only ever be lauded by 2 easily identifiable groups:
1.halfwit trouser-ass-at-halfmast youth who declare all that is mediocre to be “savage” while stroking their beginner-beards.
2. Pale and aged goth recluses who live in the box room of their mother’s house and cause all-night arguments in subculture chatrooms.
To conclude – Pathetic self-agitation is the territory of teen angst, not mid-career artistic failure. Nobody is fooled by this inane toilet-scrawl masquerading as a formidable oeuvre and the self-publication of this edition is symptomatic of a common disorder simply known as “Delusional Imbecile”. Verily, it is a waste of paper. “

Dr Edwin Rotingpimpel-Stott – IRISH PSYCHIATRIC REVIEW ( December 2014 )


” If this wretch ever steps into Tubbercurry with his vile pictures again he will be tarred and feathered in a remote spot by the banks of the Moy and driven over the county line by a dozen local GAA supporters with pitchforks “

– Lynchy Gallagher, Tubbercurry Chamber of Commerce, Sligo.


” …We would kneel and pray for this misguided Judas Quisling if there were any evidence of a soul to repair. Alas, this scribbling apostate is beyond salvation and undeserving of our guidance…”

– Voted no.2 in CATHOLIC OBSERVER’s 2014 List of Wretched Publications


“… We consider this book to be unsuitable for anyone with a strong sense of community and Christianity. It is our responsibility to ensure that the youth of Ireland are not exposed to material that will lead them towards a life on the sinister fringe where they might end up unemployed, hooked on hash, and with no interest in GAA sports. We will be taking up this matter with the Garda Commissioner in due course… “

– Castlebar Garda Association 24/2/2015


” …An excremental epistle of toxic propagules, demonic sushi and potent offerings from the genus Capsicum… “

– Jimmy the Shite, Killarney


” Out of all the societal problems of 2014, this is easily the worst. My child could have walked in and purchased this disgusting book. I’m going to get this bastard if it’s the last thing I do “

– The Mayor of Swords



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