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HUMAN STEW ( Selected Editorial Cartoons 1999-2004 and beyond )


HUMAN STEW ( Selected Editorial Cartoons 1999-2004 and beyond )

Recently discovered new sealed copies of long out of print Magazine/Fanzine from 2004 ( 64pgs 297x210mm – black & white / glossy cover ) collecting the cream, froth and surface jip of a 5 year span of ink blotches and other forms of editorial cartooning. Some were published, others loitered eternally in the archives!! Following a tradition of fanzine production from NOSEBLEED PRESS ( founded in 1990 by Boz ), HUMAN STEW spits guile through a multitude of unimpressively xeroxed pages wrapped in a 200gm glossy cover like a stale dribbling burrito of rank homosapien mince!!! 

“….eye-crusted feckless office-dregs creeping unwillingly to their workstations for another day’s rattling of chains and suffering a jizz stain, high blood pressure, Internet porn, foetus breath “team leader” exhale hot stale winds of detritus down their encrusted work shirt collars….”

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