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“SGRUNTLE INVASION” Kindle Edition (2003/2021)

"SGRUNTLE INVASION" Kindle edition (2003/2021)

32-page full-colour children's ebook.

Written and illustrated by Boz Mugabe in 2003. First published in 2021. GET IT HERE...
Gumbo and Jammy Bratt discover a strange blob over their back wall that seems to have a life of its own. Overnight it grows into cocoons so they seek help from the local mad scientist, Professor Contraption, who realises they have a Sgruntle situation on their hands. The Sgruntles are reputed to be so miserable that they bring their own personal rain clouds with them, and as a result, the town is in danger of flooding. Together with Professor Contraptionʼs trusty robot vehicle Mr Limbs, they try to resolve the situation before itʼs too late!!! SGRUNTLE INVASION is a strange adventure that brings a small and unlikely cast of characters together. Along the way, look out for the Rat Butler, the Traffic Mole, the Skydiving Duck and various other thingamajigs!
SGRUNTLE INVASION is fuelled by the inspirational fire of 1970's Beano, The Moomins, Dr Seuss, Struwwelpeter and the children's books of Peter Sís. The book is for ages 3 to 103! If you download, please leave a review. I am building an emergency reserve of peanut butter in case the Sgruntles return!!  
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200 pages / full colour / hardback / 266x246x20mm / 1.3kg ISBN 9780957322318 Published by DIVINE TURBULENCE is the first major published collection of work by Irish artist / demonscrawler / visual disinformant Boz Mugabe. Although the oeuvre stretches a lot further back, this edition zooms in on the decade 2004-2014 and its focus is work on paper. The book's content is curated from the art of 20+ solo shows and includes a supporting preface of texts/interviews. View work by the artist at Enquiries relating to bulk/wholesale may be addressed to
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HUMAN STEW ( Selected Editorial Cartoons 1999-2004 and beyond )

HUMAN STEW ( Selected Editorial Cartoons 1999-2004 and beyond )

Recently discovered new sealed copies of long out of print Magazine/Fanzine from 2004 ( 64pgs 297x210mm - black & white / glossy cover ) collecting the cream, froth and surface jip of a 5 year span of ink blotches and other forms of editorial cartooning. Some were published, others loitered eternally in the archives!! Following a tradition of fanzine production from NOSEBLEED PRESS ( founded in 1990 by Boz ), HUMAN STEW spits guile through a multitude of unimpressively xeroxed pages wrapped in a 200gm glossy cover like a stale dribbling burrito of rank homosapien mince!!!  "....eye-crusted feckless office-dregs creeping unwillingly to their workstations for another day's rattling of chains and suffering a jizz stain, high blood pressure, Internet porn, foetus breath "team leader" exhale hot stale winds of detritus down their encrusted work shirt collars...."
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